Sunday, March 27, 2005

Catch your attention

Alien Space Ship descends on Burnsville

March 27- An alien space ship dedcended on Tabernacle of Faith in the One Lord and Savior Jesus Christ Lost in the Gumbo Again.

Reverend Tobias Garnish was giving an Easter Sermon "Playing with Snakes is Better than Playing with yourself" as he held a large Timber Rattlesnake. Emma Lou Springbiner was on piano.

When the collection plate was passed several folks motioning empty hands into the baskets pretending to make contributions felt something odd but said nothing.

The congregation stood for the offering and three aliens looking suspiciously like tourists from New York City walked down the aisle toward the altar.

A blinding white light enveloped the tiny interior of the church.

The congregation shouted "Praise Jesus He's here."

The three strangers shouted, "No intelligent life here." They ascended into the heavens where they entered their space ship and it took them away from Burnsville.

An Easter egg hunt was held on the lawn of the church after services.

Sonny Ringer got the most eggs and clutched his green dyed chicken all the way home.