Thursday, April 28, 2005

And the rain falls

It's not stormy weather yet. Right now it's just water dropping out of the clouds and rolling down the creeks. Later we'll have the thunder bouncing off the mountains.

Sally Pinkney came down to the store today. It was raining and she figured if she couldn't hang her wash out she might as well buy some food. First thing she loaded into the cart was a case of beer that was on sale. A good deal is hard to pass up. Besides, she wanted to try to win the sweepstakes prize, a ride around the track with Jeff Gordon. We're big on that NASCAR stuff around here.

I saw her over in the canned good area. I said a howdy. She nodded. I asked her how things were going this year.

"Early planting is done. Long as we don't get a late frost should be a good year."

The rest of the world is worried about wars , the economy, and getting taxes back. Sally worries about a late frost.

There's a lesson in there someplace.

I hope she wins the sweepstakes. Not every day you get a free trip to Charlotte and a ride around the track with Jeff Gordon.