Monday, April 25, 2005

At the end of the day

Every day has an end. Depends on the person viewing it but there is a subjective time when we say "nuf is nuf." Time to pull in the line and call it a day.

I never took a fancy to fishing. Oh I'll eat them if they're cooked just right but the fishing just bothered me. Take what they call bait and throw it in the water. Wait long enough and a fish that's hungry enough will try just about anything. You'd think that I'd enjoy just sitting but not me. Can't clear my mind. I've got to worry bout that lil worm bobbing around drowning.

I'm about at that point right now in some quarters. I don't care how much bait you lock onto a hook and toss over; eventually it just becomes a chore. I have enough chores.

It's incredible the energy that some folks seem to possess. It amazes me the way they can spend so much time doing one thing.

You take Porky Sweeney. He's a nice guy. He can walk up to a tree blindfolded and sniff the bark and tell you exactly what kind of tree it is and how many board feet you can cut out of it. Magic man. That he is. But quite honestly, I wouldn't trade places or druthers with him. From my perspective his life comes close to being a stint in hell.

Now you're shaking your head and saying "Gaz, you got to tell me more afore I'll believe that."

Pork spends every wakin moment trying to make his wife happy. It's like an obsession. If he ain't making her happy he's telling folks how he makes her happy. Now Lucille is nice enough but I think she's just taking advantage of Porky. And he's either to dumb to know it or just too dumb to believe it.

Other day, Porky comes up to me and asks, "Gaz, you know that expensive stove I bought Lucy? Well she don't like it like she said. Say's it's too tall for her. So know what I'm going to do next paycheck? I'm going to jack up the kitchen floor."

I couldn't believe it. She don't even cook as far as I know.

"Let me see if I got this right, Porky. Lucille thinks she's too short to take pleasure out of her oven or stove or some kind of heat. So you're going put yourself in hock to bring the stove to her?"

"Yep. Good idea, right?"

"Maybe to you. Far as I can tell you better ask her when she plans on shoving something in her oven."

"What you mean by that, Gaz."

"I mean my wife better be a damn fine cook before I go jacking shit up. Lucille a good cook?"

"Maybe after I fix the floor. We'll see. Where you going?"

"Thought I'd mosey out back and see if your new piglets are sprouting wings."

So it'sb just the end of the day. Think it's time to pull in the line.