Wednesday, April 13, 2005

Susie Hocum has a Vision

Sunday was quite a quite a day in Buzzard Hollow. Susie Hocum, daughter of Mordecai and Rachel Hocum was walking through the hollow looking for Trillium when she looked at the side of Old Stink of The Mountain. For those of you unfamiliar with this local landmark it is an outcropping on the Side of Pig Nut Mountain that looking northwest resembles a man with a beard. What makes this remarkable is the fact that an Indian cave located where the mouth seems to be has the stink of sulphur.

From the angle that Susie was approaching the face cannot be discerned. On this day she did see something rather unusual. The moss and ferns gave an un-natural appearance. Susie blinked and it all came into focus. It looked like a young woman holding a baby. She thought the baby must be Jesus and that would make the female his mother. She went home and told her parents. They trekked with her and agree that there is a human form.

The Hocums will be more than happy to show folks the "vision" for a free will donation of twenty dollars per person. This writer visited the site and thinks the "vision" looks more like a carnival barker outside a tent with a poster of a bearded woman.

Tell us what you see.