Monday, April 11, 2005

Up-date- Sad day In Burnsville

Sonny Ringer's dad is still recovering in the Asheville hospital. According to an investigation by the Buncombe County police Sonny's dad, Bubba Boy ate Sonny's Easter Eggs without sharing. Apprantly one of the eggs was laced with a strong commercial poison.

When asked about the possibility that someone had poisoned some of the childrens's eggs at the Easter Egg Hunt Elder Farnsworth Bunklemitt responed, "Only snakes suck eggs."

THe Ringer family does not have Health Insurance so the Boncombe County BarnStaomer Gazette has opened an account at Dogwood Bank and Trust in Barnardsville. Donations may be made to the Sonny Ringer Bad Tummy Ache Fund.

You know we are ALWAY looking for contributors. Write the editor about your possibilities.