Monday, May 09, 2005

The sound of bells

"There's nothing worse than the sound of those new fangle ice cream trucks." Spider Jones recently noted.

It seems that our county has recently been invaded by some foreigner (some say he's from Tennessee) picking our children's pockets of spending money for sticky gooey treats just before suppertime.

"It sounded like a merry-go-round except the song was some hippiety hoppie song that even toads hooked up to a battery couldn't dance to. I swear it was some Satan inspired electronic bell sound that sounded as if maybe somebody was cooking squirrels alive. I'd had enough."

This was the reason that Spider took out the speakers mounted on top of the white truck with the clown painted on the side.

"He could have just asked me not to come up his (expletive deleted) road. I'm still paying off a loan for this truck." Those were the words of Mickey Smithers who hails from Asheville. Mickey will have the truck repaired within the week.

"Just tell folks to politely let me know I'm not welcome. I can take a hint. I'll change my route to Cherokee. You can sell anything over that way."