Sunday, July 10, 2005


No. They have not been tucked away in some mountain retreat. Live and in living color, except for their black robes, I bring you the baldy boys of Bullhead Knob. That’s right the continuing saga of Master Ho Ha, Monk Ki, and the occasional Anama Li. Today’s adventure finds them having a picnic along the escarpment of Peach Orchard Creek.

“Master Ho Ha, would you like a pickle?”

“Monk Ki. You’ve been my student for five years. Have you ever seen me refuse a pickle?”

Monk Ki handed the large pickle over to Master Ho Ha without continuing the conversation.

“Anama Li, what are you watching?”

“I am watching the green in this fern. It changes as I watch.”

“It is easier to watch ferns isn’t it?” Master Ho Ha took a bite of his pickle. It was sour just like he hoped.

“What?” Anama Li looked at her feet.

“Watch them. Observe them. Stay apart from them. Stay you on your side of the universe.”

“Is there something wrong with that?” Monk KI interjected his thoughts and questions.

“Enough distance there is no risk. Stay in control. Manage everything. Never let your guard down.” Master Ho Ha spoke in the direction of Snowball Mountain. “Not a Snowball’s chance in hell, right?”

Anama Li looked away. “I know no other way.”

“There are ten thousand ways, even for a blind man.”

Master Ho Ha took another bite and smacked his lips with pleasure. “Of course ten thousand ways go to waste unless one of them is taken.”

“Master Ho Ha…”

“Not now, Monk Ki. Listen.”