Sunday, July 10, 2005


Folks around the neighborhood are riveted to their televisions sets today. We're watching that Dennis the Menace huury-cane two stepping it toward Florida. Some of us because we have friends from down there. You may not know it but some Floridians migrate up here to the hills in the summer to get away from the hot weather.

Margie Brooks went back home to put boards on her home. She's back up here in her double wide watching her satellite reception. She hope she doesn't see her home in the coverage.

WE don't know much about the big winds but we do get a hint of the rain because we've had a few storms dump themselves out here in the mountains.

But why are we watching? I think it's because we know a bit about confronting the weather. It's something that we can imagine ourselves getting in the middle of. It'd not like being on a two level bus in LOndon when a bomb goes off. Most of us around here haven't been on a bus of any sort (except maybe Greyhound) and that second story is beyond our comprehension. Throw in a bomb and a foreign country, we're out of our element.

WE know a bit about hard rains and winds. So we watch the tube telling ourselves how lucky we are to be here and not there. It's easy.

Funny how we can pick and choose where our fantasies can take us. Me? I've got some humdingers. Most of them I don't intend to share. They are private like. I wouldn't mind being at the throttle of a steam locomotive. THat's one I can share without any guilt.