Friday, August 19, 2005

Hunters Ridge

Years ago we had a fire up on Hunters Ridge. Henry Barnett says it was lightning. Most folks think it was the fire from his still that started it. In the whole scheme of things it doesn't matter that much.

I was up on the ridge the other day looking around. It's been years since the fire. A few big old scarred oaks it about the only evidence left. I was watching a sqirrel up in one of those oaks. Darned if he didn't disappear. Now I knew that those critters don't do magic tricks so a looked around.

I noticed on the other side that there was an opening in the base. THere was a good chance the tree was hollow. Sso I decided to prove it. I grabbed a piece of dead fall. I started banging against the tree. Sure enough it was hollow. Sounded like a big old base drum. Boom boom boom.

Sure enough the squirrel came scurrying out at the top. Guess he didn't like the beat. Before I could laugh though out pops a sleep raccoon from the bottom too.

Funny how you find critters you weren't looking for when you least expect it.

Raccoon sort of smiles at me and sampers off to get back to his or her nap.

Not much happens around here.