Friday, August 26, 2005


I've been bringing lots of rejections into my life recently. I'm making castings. I'm not a profectionist but in the case I come close.

I'm playing with lots of variables. Temperature, viscosity,mold alignment,pressure,even the way air is ventin out of the molds. I've called in a few "markers" to see about help. One of them stated, "two part molds? Never could get those to work right." That was just what I wanted to hear.

Just pulled a piece out of the mold. Trapped air bubbles. Not sure I can get it under pressure fast enough to knock them back. That's the next thing. I've been cutting larger air vents. Had to make my own boring tool from a piece of brass pipe.

I did help a friend this AM recover some of his lost data. His system died in the broadest sense. I was able to get his drive to move under an ancient OS and see his data. Burned it across my network onto CD on my machine. Now at least he has financial data and a few other important things on CD.

But back to rejection. It is easy to reject in an objective manner. Rejecting folks requires a certain skill or lack of feelings. I guess some folks protect themselves from feelings so that they can reject. I'd mention names but she'd just get pissed at me.