Saturday, September 17, 2005

Springs and such

Around these parts we make a wide berth around a perfectly good working spring. Clean water is more than a pleasure. Clean water is something to drink.

My great grandaddy found the spring up behind my house. The family story is that he was tracking a bear and found it in eighteen and five ought. Sweetest water he'd ever tasted. And it had a good flow. He placed some of the rocks around the base and made a pool. For the first year or two he had a lean-to shelter nearby. He took more care working around the spring than he did on where he was going to live. That should tell you something about the power of water.

Now what that has to do with the present time and place might be vexing your mind right now.

I ws reading the newspaper this morning all about that hurricane Katrina and Lousiana and Mississippi, and even Alabama. There are lots of politicians stomping around trying to make themselves known as fixers. I see it's easy to fix folks problems with other folks money. My concern is that the more they stomp around the more chance we have they are going to trash things up pretty bad. That's what happens to a clean running spring. Cows get to close and next thing you know you got bull shit running in the water.

I think they'll manage to muddy up the Big Muddy pretty good.

By the way, can anybody tell me: Can the Red Cross be reimbursed by the federal government? If so does that mean that someone is double dipping in my pocket?