Thursday, September 22, 2005


Somebody used the word sultry to talk about the weather down south. Now technically that is a word that fits but it got me thinking. What is sultry?

Of course the next question is who is sultry?

See the way my mind works?

I go from a hurricane which is anything but arousing and sexy to thinking about what woman for me defines sultry?

Sultry. Marlene Dietrich. Kathleen Turner. Those two women pop to the top of the list. But what exactly makes them sultry. See I'm stuck with a definition.

A woman who is sure of her self but not what I'll term haughty. A woman who wants to say "touch me." A woman who looks as if she's ready to start pnting with desire.


I think I just described Jenk Smith's coon dog- Damn Bitch. Maybe he should have called her "Sultry."