Thursday, October 13, 2005

Catching site

Nope. I still know how to spell.

I was out early this AM. THe consequences of having an older dog. Anyway, I looked up in the sky. It was cloudy this morning. No stars. I found myself a bit disappointed. Ther is something about looking up in the sky and catching sight of a constellation that I can recognize. The Big Dipper is easy. Draco a bit harder. Orion and his belt second nature.

I'm sight driven. I'm hard wired to look for things. I look for patterns. I can identify just about every plant round abouts by the shape of its leaves. Patterns. And that got me to thinking. Thinking before the sun is up always carries some consternation. Not only do I like looking at stars and leaves but add in mountaintops and women's legs. There is something about women's legs that captivates my eyes. My guess is that is hard wired into my brain too. I've got this theory that long legs are telling my DNA that if it attached itself to women with long legs that those legs could run fast enough to stay away from lions and bears and things that go bump in the night.

Now days I guess I'm learning that I look for patterns on the Internet too. Used to be that the hunters went out and looked for animal scat and birds taking to the air. We were looking for signs of food, mates or danger in the forst and on the plains. Now, we go to the Internet. We read pundits, recipe cites and look at what some call pornographic sites. See. Just like the old days, scat, food and ways to continue our lineage. We haven't come very far.