Wednesday, October 26, 2005


It used to be all I had to do was climb up to the top of one of the little knobs here abouts and I could pretty well clear my head. It seems that this is harder and harder to accomplish. I not sure why that is.

Maybe I listen to too many twenty-four hour news channels. Twenty-five hours of opinions, ten hours of advertisement and twenty-four hours of so-called news. There sure is a lot of importance in the world. Thank goodness we've got disappearing blonde girls to make it all worthwhile.

Maybe it's the politicians. If we could figure out a good way to make methane from manure we could put a dome over Congress and the White House and become energy independent overnight. I'm tired of all of the politicians. Thank goodness we've got politician wannabes telling us approximately what's wrong with the current crop.

Heck I can't even watch too much country music on the television. Those channels almost have as many bumping and grinding sweet young virgins as the rock channel the only difference is that there are more black girls trying to look like sluts on the rock stations. If we are an integrated society somebody forgot to tell Nashville.

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Maybe I'm just sleep deprived. That's an easy solution to my malady. Maybe I'm just not getting enough sex. Maybe it's something I ate. I mean I'm eating healthy food; maybe I'm preservative deprived. I need more hydrogenated goopy slurp in my corn flakes.