Thursday, October 06, 2005


When I was a young sprig of a man I remember looking at a couple of Fancy ladies when I was over to town. Damn but they were good looking. One of them I remember really clear and distinct as if she was sitting right there in that old Nash Rambler with me.

She had dark hair and a mite too much rouge on her cheeks. Her lips were glossed up something fierce with a dark red lipstick bordering on the color of blood from my veins. She was dressed in this tight dark blue skirt that was so close to her hips that it was keeping the scent of that woman close. She was wearing a white blouse that barely disguised thhe fact that she was wearing a Playtex super lifter cross her heart and I hope to die bra. And there in the middle of the day she was wearing high heels that made her look like she was on Mt. Sinai looking down at me.

And you're shaking your head right now saying, "That damn Gazelder! He's gone over the edge."

No I haven't. I was looking at some other folks blogs and I noticed how they were all fancy with colorful pictures and graphics. They were just like that fancy lady I saw in Asheville. They make us want to know more and hold our breath.

Then I looked at my blog.


Got to learn me how to put lipstick on this oinker.