Thursday, October 27, 2005


Intelligent Design

I've got no problem with intelligent design; I'm just not sure that was the method used when the earth was created.

Free Will? Yeah, right. I've been paying for it all of my life.

Problems I face? Not enough entertainment programming on television so I end up watching news channels and talking heads. No wonder I'm beginning to question intelligent design.

Besides, I'm not even convinved that Darwin is/was right, after all, look at recent history. After all science seems to agree with Darwin we "invent" intelligent design. Seems like a step backwards to me.

If you don't like what I write you can comment. I can delete your remarks. THAT is intelligent design.

Don't blame me. I've voted in EVERY election I've been eligible to vote in- not always for the winner but at least I did it after due diligence of fact finding beyond campaign ads and promises.

I'm of the "Johns make the world" school of thought. If there wasn't demand for screwing then prostitutes would be out of business. After all prostitution is just an example of "supply and demand." So is Congress come to think of it.