Thursday, October 06, 2005


There are times when sitting on the top of a mountain isn't all it's cracked up to be. I should know. I spend lots of time sitting on top of a mountain.

Folks don't cotton climbing up to visit all that often. Too much effort is the usual excuse. Lots of things in life require effort. If I was the Rolling Stones or Paris Hilton there'd be a paved road up here by now. Of course that would do horrible thing to the rhododendron thicket so I guess it's just as well that I'm not a band who's had sex with a goodly portion of the world or a young girl who's had sex with her boyfriend caught on tape so a goodly portion of the world took a gander.

Sitting up here on the mountain gives me a chance to see the weather coming before it gets here. An advantage to that is I'm not always wet. A little humor. Get it?

It'd be nice to have a person or two drop around once in a blue moon. Sit down and chew the fat. Exchange views. Exchange ideas. Of course most of us never really exchange ideas; we pretty much like the ones we have. It's hard to really exchange ideas.

I listened to our President this AM. He was talking about how he wanted to put a can of whup ass on the bad guys who had some ideas they weren't willing to change. So let me see, he wants them to change their ideas. Of course, I don't think much of their ideas either but I don't feel like they necessarily need to die because they don't feel the way I feel. Seems to be that both sides are holding onto their extreme ideas and pissing over the fence at the other guys.

That reminds me of Pastor Bennyfield down at Possum Cove Evangelical and Pentecostal Tabernacle of the Truth Faith in Our Lord Jesus Christ. Now there is a mouthful if there ever was one. Why they have to have their stationary printed up in Landscape mode just to get the church name to fit half-way on the page.

Pastor Bennyfields says I'm going straight to hell and I don't even get to pass GO because I don't happen to have the same beliefs and faith he has. Sure is nice he made this determination. Of course I guess he doesn't see that as judging lest he gets himself judged too. I just smile and say have a good day. For instance, he thinks that abortion folks ought to be killed. He thinks that that there Eric Rudolph fellow from over to Andrews way was some sort of hero. I wonder if he listened to the President's speech today. Seems to me that Eric and Bennyfield might be construed as terrorists too. People don't happen to look in mirrors muych these days. They're too busy telling folks how out of step they are.

Thank goodness folks don't trek up to see me. I might be accused of the same thing.