Monday, October 17, 2005

Wires and waves oh my

I've been advised to pop my molds in a microwave oven to heat them up for about thirty seconds. I'm game. Notice I didn't say gamey. I also need to get a bit of specialized super-duper spray-on mold release. Remember the advice that Benjamin was given in "The Graduate"? Plastics. The mold release is a type of silicone. I guess in a way that might be a plastic.

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Some men dream about boobs with silicone. I'm a boob dreaming about railroad cars with silicone release.

Had a problem with the good old telco system over the weekend. Pulled out my handy dandy tool belt and went hunting for the problem. A shorted out wire. I went on and did some up-grades at the same time. Might as well.

So now I'm waiting for that mold release to arrive through some nebulous shipping company. Built a cabinet for a microwave that we'd acquired at the Jersey shore thinking that it was too good to toss out with the garbage. It looks like it will come in handy. Waste not want not. Cabinet is from parts of a computer rack I collected in a similar manner 10 years ago. Funny, my wife told me to toss the wood last week that I wasn't going to use it.

I did.