Sunday, November 13, 2005


There is an old saying, something about taking the bull by the horns, or the tail or some part of the anatomy. I figure that leaving the bull alone in his field with his own bullshit might be the wisest course of action. Of course I'm tempted (at times) to jump the damn fence.

Everyone wants to think they've got the answers to life. I try to think about my answers and not just jump on those that suit my mood. It takes effort. Hell with that extra effort I figure I could lift a can of beer.

First things first- I haven't got the answers to the serious questions of life. If I did, I'd be an author on the New York Times best seller list and be bosom buddies with talk show folks like Oprah. Oh yeah, bosom buddies!

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So I've decided that maybe the only thing I can control is a portion of the stuff I don't like in my life. There are some folks that don't add much to my feeling of well-being. A few neighbors come to mind. So I'll just politely distance myself from them. Why expose myself to their ways of looking at life?

Something that has stuck in my craw for a bunch of years is a display of public prayer. Nothing like sitting in a Micky D's and praying over the food. If we were going to really take life all that seriously why we should have stood outside and prayed for divine guidance not to go into the place.

Around about Matthew 6:6 it talks about not praying like the heathens do. Since technically I'm a heathen I ought to know about praying on the streets. I just have a problem with me being a practicing Buddhist and having the hold hands with family while we pray over burgers and bless them in the name of Christ. Think they'd hold my hands and say we take this food to support the teachings of Buddha? Probably not. So I've decided to step outside of that circle. While they hold hands and pretend not to be so self-righteous in public I'll be dipping greasy French Fries in catsup.

So I'm taking a step away from some of the things that seem to get my goat. Sure are a lot of farm animals in my life what with goats and bulls.