Friday, November 18, 2005

Fast forward

There are times that I'd like to hit the fast forward button. Right now I'm listening to some streaming audio. I want to really hit the fast forward button, Sometimes when I'm watching live news, I want to hit the fast forward button.

I can think of many times when I just want to by-pass what's going on. I'm not sure whether I'm bored or frustrated. Maybe I'm disappointed.

I was talking to Bertie Maxwell the other day. He probably wanted to hit my fast forward button. I was talking about the way my life just doesn't seem to have any purpose. He looked at me and asked , "Who told you it is supposed to?"

That's a pretty good question from a guy who never graduated from high school.

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So many of us go around pumping up our importance in life as if this old world might fall apart should we disappear. Wnat to know what happens when you put too much hot air in a tire? Darn thing just leaves rubber pieces all of the highway and dumps you in a ditch.

Bathrooms are the greatest human invention. I mean that. If it wasn't for bathrooms the world would be a pretty crappy place and smell pretty foul to boot. I think we need more bathrooms and fewer television sets. That would be a quick way to get rid of a lot more crap in the world.

I was down at the Post Office the other day mailing a package. Sussie (not Suzie)Parker's sister Sally came up to me and said "hi". I asked how Sussie was and she said "Sassy as always is so full of sincere insufficiency."

I laughed. "That girl surely isn't insufficient. She gets on just fine. It's you that has the emptiness. You're so desirous of the way that she is that you give her needs she's never even thought of and then you go about trying to fill them. Your emptiness is trying to suck her in."

"You're wrong, Mr. Lufetarg. Pure wrong. She gives me purpose."

"I've been known to be wrong before. Might be. Might not be. Doesn't matter to me. Sussie is just a woman I know. I'm not carrying her around on my shoulders."

"Im helping her." Sally spit the words at me.

"Ah, purpose. I propose that Purpose must have purpose."

Don't you wish that you'd hit the fast forward button! You could have avoided this blog entry.