Sunday, November 20, 2005

Not like THEM

I freely admit that I'm getting older. In some ways, it's better than the alternative. I now struggle with the fear that I might turn into one of the selfish self-centered folks that are slightly older than me. To be that selfish and critical just seems like a waste of time.

They call themselves conservatives.

I'm reminded what Benjamin Disraeli said, "A conservative government is an organized hypocrisy."

Of course if you don't like that quote here's one from Gladstone that I'm sure you'll love: "Liberalism is a trust of people tempered by prudence; conservatism is a distrust of people tempered by fear."

It seems that some conservatives want to hang their "hats" on the Iraq war, abortion, and handing out "benefits."

Since when did REAL conservatives want to go to war with other countries that did attack US? Don't give me that thing about terrrorism. The VAST majority of the hijackers were from Saudia Arabia. We didn't declare ware on THEM. THe funding also came from that country. And don't talk about the cruelty of Sadaam if THAT was justification we should have invaded RED China first for what they've systematically done to Tibet since the MID - FIFTIES. It wasn't a "conservative decision to invade Iraq is was a decision by folks who call themselves conservatives.

Abortion? Yeah right. Conservatives want the government OUT of their private lives. Since when a government intruding on a woman's "right to happiness" a conservative position. You want to stop abortion, teach folks how NOT to have unwanted children. Heck you could probably do a better job of stopping abortion by paying folks NOT to have children.

As for "benefits" why don't we have conservatives trying to repeal tax deductions for home mortgages? We could even start with second home mortgages. That is a "hand-out" to folks. Speaking of handouts what about agricultural subsidies? What percentage of US farms today are even family owned? Think ADM gives its farm subsidies back to the government?

Sure there is a lot that coulf be changed in the country and in the government but I'm tired of selfish folks doing it just to make life better for them. I don't hear them worried about my great grandchildren.

Damn! I sound like one of them!