Thursday, November 17, 2005

Revenge of the birds

We're a week away from Thanksgiving and the talking heads are crowing about victims of bird flu in China. Oh well, we'll kill a few turkeys next week. Speaking of turkeys, when are people going to wake up and emand that politicians stop spending so many tax dollars on pork. Maybe I need to get a government contract to investigate un-necessary government spending. I'll call my company "Bright Mirror".

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The leaves are falling fast and furious outside. I hope that's not true. Who wants a bunch of furious leaves in their yard? Are leaves bunches? I know they aren't gaggles or flocks or herds. Maybe I should say legions of leaves. That has a nice alliterative ping to it.

The old dog managed to get herself wedged up under a magnolia branch today. She couldn't see how to get free. I told her she was "as dumb as George Bush." She's deaf. She didn't hear a word I said. Again, she reminded me of the president.

That's about the level of excitement around here. Maybe I'll take a nap.