Tuesday, November 15, 2005


That's right. I'm spoiled. With the Internet I've got streaming music to suit my mood. Heck I've got it to suit my moods. Jazz. Smooth jazz. Blues. Hard driving blues. Country blues. Heck there are "URLs" that stream constant Pink Floyd or Grateful Dead 24/7.

[ED. Concerted effort to include URL: http://www.shoutcast.com/]

I remember when I wore out vinyl records listening to the same tunes over and over again. No wonder I don't know the lyrics to any songs that are new these days. Come to think of it about the only songs worth remembering the lyrics these days are country. That doesn't say much for current rock and roll. Heck, I know the lyrics to more old blues tunes than I do anything that's been on the top ten list this year.

I've got a neighbor who isn't that neighborly. This time of year he keeps trying to give me the leaves in his yard. He pushes his down the driveway into a pile hoping that the breeze will bless my yard with his mess. OK so I compost my leaves; it would still be nice if he'd put his in my pile rather than making me gather them and schlep them to my compost bin piecemeal. He's an odd duck. Years ago the boys reported they saw him peeing in his yard. And last year I listened to him sing one line of a Christmas tune over and over and over again. "Oh the weather outside is frightful." Heck, it was in the sixties; that's pretty nice in my book.