Wednesday, December 07, 2005

CAR is a hoot

CAR is a hoot at best. He fulminates about dirty hippies in Asheville but seems to be more of a car that needs a tune-up based on the foul gunk he spews.

He recently tossed a barb at my thoughts about the holidays and did the perfunctory "it's in the Bible" babble. I guess he can't read very well. Hey, I might live here-abouts but I gave up on the Bible thumping years ago. I guess he didn't catch the inference that I practice Buddhism. But then I doubt if he wants to really mix it up with me on religious issues. My guess is I've forgotten more Greek and Hebrew than he ever knew and I can dust off my Latin he he wants to throw down a gauntlet.

As for his claim to conservative values: "A conservative government is an organized hypocrisy." -Disraeli (1845)

Maybe this person in Asheville wants to play dueling pundits with this boy from Andrews. I'll play the game if he wants but I suspect he's a lot like that kid in Deliverance.

I remember Asheville before folks like this man ruined the place. A bunch of gentrified nabobs thinking they have a corner on money and class. Sorry, I know folks that keep their feet bare until after the first hard frost who have more common sense in their big toe than these "come-heres" with their hot air and fancy airs. Some of these folks think they have a corner on the mountains. Where were they when the land was being raped by the northern lumber interests? where were they when the land was being stolen from locals in the name of progress?

So come on CAR I know you're not a "high-bred" show me your stuff.