Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Dark Ages and the Internet

In the Dark Ages I went to a concert. No big deal, right? It was a Bruce Springsteen concert. Still no big deal for some folks. It was at a university. Yawn. The tickets were $3.50 a piece. If I'd bought them earlier they would have been $3.00. THat should tell you something about how many years ago that was.

But I was familiar with Springsteen, more so than some others in my small circle of friends. (No Phil Ochs was not a friend)So when a young woman joined him on stage with her violin I was surprised. And when she played I was wowed.

Years pass but I couldn't forget the concert. Recently I thought about it while on the web. I wasn't even sure when the concert was. I researched and finally got the date. Then I went hunting. Who was that woman? I found her name. she was with the band only a couple of months before she went with her husband to Israel.

Hunting and hunting I learned that folks heard the concert was good but no one knew the song (set) list. I couldn't find any bootleg tapes (yet.) But I did finally find some tapes of another concert when the violinist was still with the band. And I found the files on the net. I finally downloaded them.

More than thirty years after the fact I can get pretty close to that experience. The net is a pretty neat tool. Now, I wonder if I can get it to make me young again. I have a few mistakes I'd like to correct.