Thursday, December 08, 2005


Maybe I've just acquired a bad case of media overload. I see folks losing a lot of energy over things that don't seem like big deals. And then I spend my time wondering about that absurdity. A mobius strip of absurdity.

Recently Bill "O Really?" has stirred the pot with his assault on Christmas. I thought folks were upset about Christmas being too commercial? Now we're going to ding folks for not wishing us "Merry Christmas" when we buy stuff? If these sincere religious folks were true to their faith shouldn't they be quietly sending their money to folks in need?

And then we have the Iraq war. Sorry but I still think we rushed into that a little bit too quickly. Heck, we've already declared "mission accomplished" but we're looking at a plan for victory. Which is it? Done or still to be done?

Now there is this one guy down the road who wants to take on what he calls "filthy hippies." He should have been in these parts when we had baths on Saturday nights. That was an improvement over a spring bath! Besides, what's he doing to improve things? Oh, that's right, he's pointing at stuff that offends his sensibilties. Cutting off that left hand. Hey, it's OK he's following in the footsteps of lots of pastors. I've got to grin.

The other day I came across this quote:

"Liberalism is trust of the people tempered by prudence;conservatism is distrust of people tempered by fear." Wiliam Gladstone had a good comment on today, unfortunately, that was years ago. I think folks would do well to really know their history. Around these parts we used to have a rich oral history. It's being killed by "Dukes of Hazzard" re-runs and get rich quick schemes.


Time to get on over to the casino.