Friday, December 02, 2005

I don't get it

I don't undertand the recent flurry of protesting. I can't see the forest for the (Christmas/holiday) trees. Recently it would seem that some (including folks who are called "christian fundamentalists" for lack of a better term) are upset about taking Christ out of Christmas.

It would seem that they are upset because some merchants and politicians want to make the holiday more secular. You know, Holiday trees and all of that. Aren't these the same people who think Christmas has gotten too commercial? Now they are boycotting stores who celebrate the "holidays."

Excuse me but isn't a boycott an admission that "gifts" and commercialism is what Christmas is all about?

If I recall, it wasn't until the "wise men" showed up that there were any gifts mentioned in the New Testament. I don't see these "protesters" wanting to bring back the Epiphany holiday. I seem to remember that until recently folks simply went to church on Christmas without all of the secular trappings of big meals, and lots of gifts. I don't hear protesters wanting to go that far back.

As for the Christmas/holiday tree I seem to recall that the tree was a way of bringing pagan celebration practices into Christmas. It was an attempt to allow pagan practices as part of Christmas. Even the selection of December 25 as the "birthday" has more to do with the celebration of Winter Solstice than Biblical information.

Perhaps the protesters who want to put Christ back into Christmas are bowing in obeyance to secular pressures. If they were sincere maybe they would abandon the gift giving on Christmas day ( I'm sure their children would be perfectly content with a new pair of socks, some fruit and some nuts on January 6) As for the tree, they surely don't need some decorated shrubbery in their homes to remind them of pagan practices.

Yep, I'm all for a more somber Christmas. Maybe some of that "Silent Night" spirit without the torture of Christmas music in the stores and malls and I can do without bell ringers too. Do true Christians need to be reminded to give to the less fortunate?

A simple MASS on ChristMAS for the Christian folks who want to celebrate the holidays. Maybe these protesters need to put the CHRIST MASS back into Christmas and forget the DVDs, large screen tvs, diamonds, dolls, clothing, and caloric intake.

But then from my perspective, I don't think that will happen. They want to eat their cake and eggnog too.