Monday, December 12, 2005

My neighbors

Some of my neighbors whine about some of the others not dealing with the falling leaves fast enough. I just take what the wind blows my way. If I get a few more leaves my compost pile is a little bigger. No big deal.

Some of my neighbors are odd. Some of my neighbors probably think I'm odd. What the heck is odd about that?

One neighbor collects old hand tools. Neat.
One neighbor used to keep lots of firearms and ammunition. He was ready for WWIII.
Another neighbor is perfecting being a grump.
One neighbor talks to himself.
One of the neighbors is the last "child" to get accepted to college. Our generation is becoming oldster.
I'm the only one who has a model railroad. I also think I'm the one with the attractive wife.

OK, so I'm biased. At least I'm not the Grumpy one.