Saturday, December 24, 2005


"We all do it." the visitor stated with authority.

What? "Monk Ki looked up.


"Some of us die."

"Then those don't do it." the visitor looked bothered. "And that's the answer."

"The answer to what?"

"The question."

"I didn't ask a question."

"Philosophers can't wait for people to ask questions. We must promote answers."


"See, you asked a question. I must give you an answer."

"I think I'd rather make a loaf of bread."


"I'm sorry. I'm not a professor of philiosophy. I can't answer your question." Monkey smiled.

I'm fighting some ideas about my novel right now. At least I'm not going to pretend it is the GREAT American novel. It's just words.

I'm listening to Springsteen sing in 1975. Johnny is singing "It's all right.."

And it is.

I found things out on the street that night so long ago. It's a shame that I didn't take notes.