Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Orion's Belt

The cold wind blows. It changes directions. Clouds skitter along. Monk Ki sits with these words and even more. Words were invented. The exercise of trying to find just the right word to describe an event can take a second or hours longer. The event is history before the correct word is selected.

"Master Ho Ha. I am troubled."

"Tell me something new." Master Ho Ha laughs. Even when the weather is cold he laughs. His laughter shows in the dawn light. "What troubles you, Monk Ki?"

"I have known so many people. Some are gone. Some are forgotten. Some were real stinkers. Some I loved."

"There are many rocks in the stream."

"How can I explain to them what I learned from each of them?"

"Do you see that stream below?" Master Ho Ha points to a small stream trickling down from a spring under a rock. A stone statue of a dragon is perched on the rock eyeing the water flow.


"Do you see the rocks that the water slips and slides around and over?"


"Go explain your emotions to those rocks. When they understand you, come back and tell me."

Monk Ki stands and takes one step. Then he stops. So many rocks. So little time.