Friday, December 30, 2005


Thermostats are for determining the temperature. They use standards. Naturally, the standards are standards by convention.

We had a thermostat in one of the vehicles that decided that the water temperature wasn't as warm as it really was. No big deal unless it is a cold morning and you'd like heat in the car. The thermostat needs to relay that the water is warm enough for the heater. So it was a cold breeze that blew no good.

Now I don't know about you but it seems to me that a thermostat either shouldn't fail that often or it should be a snap in replaceement. I mean, we have a way to tell what the water temperature is under the surface of the ocean from hundreds of miles in space. Of course I guess that information comes at a price too.

So today the weather being warm I stopped by a friend to have him tach me more about thermostats. We, and I use that word with great latitude, changed out the thermostat. Pretty cheap fix.

Damn! We have a smart car. It knows what the temperature of the water is! I can wait for a real cold morning though for te final test.