Monday, January 09, 2006

Of course we were

I'm looking at a photo of Bruce Springsteen in 1975. Were we ever that young?

Damn right, and that skinny too.

My wife laughed at me when she heard the tune from 1975. She started singing along with Bruce "I stood stone-like at midnight." She conjured the image of us sitting in assisted living singing along with rock songs. Now there is an image to ponder long and hard.

Midge Harper stopped by the other day. Complained about sounds in her furnace. I went over there and sure enough there were sounds but it was because of the flying squirrel cavorting in the basement. I opened a window and shooed the critter back to nature. Funny thing about some sounds; they're just lost.

I've known one or two folks in my life who were lost. I guess they really weren't technically lost. I saw them. You can't very well be lost if I see you, right? But they thought they were lost. Others thought they were lost. They were just wandering a bit.

I knew a woman, once, I'll call her Flora but not the Flora that some of you might know because I never really knew Flora just her dad Ralph, so it's not her, OK?

Anyway, Flora is a shall we say a free spirit. You know, she's not really, she just tells folks that hoping ng they'll believe her enough so that she starts believing it herself. In a way, she's lost. She used to travel back and forth through old Beaucatcher Tunnel. She claimed she was looking for a hubcap that she lost in there. I don't believe it. I think she likes to hide from the sun. She doesn't want people to see her the way she really is.

That's a shame. She's really a pretty nice woman. She doesn't want to really believe that. She likes to hide in other people's shadows. That way she she can pretend that she's the way she is to satisfy others.

No logic in that.

Flora's lost because she wants to be. Maybe she's trying to teach us a lesson.