Thursday, January 26, 2006

Of interest

I think it's rather facinating what catches people's interests. I'm not sure what I'll be interested in or what causes me to shift interests.

Maybe that is why some people like wars and sports. They like to stay focused. Ok so they like to compete too. Sue me.

I'm listening to Syd Barrett right now. I don't think he focuses on much these days. I wonder if he even knows he's sixty years old. Some say he killed his mind decades ago. Maybe it's just caught in limbo. His lyrics are shall we say, bizarre.

So why the heck am I even listening to this music. I don't remember haring it before. A new experience. It's not one that I'd consider as a steady diet. Well, maybe I should. I think it would help me lose weight. I don't have much of an appetite as I listen to this stuff.

I watched a show on history channel the other night. It dealt with Indians in the Peruvian mountains. They are thought to have used halucinogenics as a control. THey had these pitch black labrinths were archeologists posulate that a chosen few subjects wandered with roaring water noises coursing through rocks nearby and pscho substances in their blood until BANG they stumble on this big rock in the bare light with creatures carved on it.

I will be so bold as to suggest that some of us in the sixties didn't get it. Folks took drugs just to get high. We didn't do it to transform our lives.

No wonder we have problems in the world today.

I bet Syd doesn't care. Do you?