Tuesday, January 24, 2006


I happened to spy a small rock today on the ground. Big deal, right? Well, this rock sat beside another rock that I could tell would fit together with it. Another big deal. Pattern recognition and all of that be damned. At some recent point in time these two rocks had been one.

Now everyone as a child probably took two rocks and smashed them together. One of the rocks invariably loses the contest and breaks. This rock lost. But I happened to pick it up and examine the revealed faces. It was interesting. I could discern where water through the years had seeped into microscopic cracks. There was rust better known as iron oxide where the crack ran. One point was barely rusted. I guess that this was the final part of the rock that held it together.

Something finally cracked the rock. It was probably visitors who drove into our driveway last night.

I guess our visitors rocked.