Tuesday, January 31, 2006

State of the Union

I'm sorry but I watch too much television. I pretty well know the State of the Union and I'd be doing something to fix a few things.

Let's start with oil. During WWII we had rationing. Everybody bit the proverbial bullet. During the OPEC mess in the 70's we had conseervation. Now during this so called "war on terror" we're not asking the American people to do anything except spend our grandchildren's money on a war in Iraq.

LOWER all of the INTERSTATE SPEED LIMITS to CONSERVE ENERGY! If I stood in a bully pulpit that's something I'd do.

Next, somebody better wake up pretty damn quick and realize that we OWE the World a chunk of change. We're spending money faster than drunk sailors in a bar of cheap whores. We owe China and Saudia Arabia a heck of a lot of money. Suppose they decide they want their money? Somebody needs to slow down our spending and Do it fast. Just the debt payment on the money we owe is killing us!

Our borders with Mexico and Canada are leaking like holes plugged with chicken wire. If thrirteen million illegal aliens can sneak across the border and settle here who can say with certainty that none of them brought a bomb. Hell if each one of them brought one ounce of explosives that would make ne doozey of a bomb. And our politicians don't seem to plug the hole. Heck, want a good time, send the INS to any WALMART in the country and ask folks for proof they are citizens.

Health care is pretty bad. Anybody know what happens when a person can't pay for a hospital bill? That's right, the cost gets passed on to good old you and me. We're already paying 10-20% of our private healthcare to private companies who agree to make money paying the inflated costs while they take their cut. I'm leaning toward national health insurance. At least I'll know what it is REALLY costing me to be sick.

While I'm dreaming I'd propose that if we're that darn interested in making marriages so darn strong that we insist that ALL church sanctioned marriages can NEVER be changed by divorce or anullment. If the churches think marriage is such a darn good thing then they ought to stand behind what they are pushing. Maybe we could get the churches to offer a money back guarantee. The church pays for childcare and alimony! Might take the wind(bags) out of a few churches.

Finally, I'd suggest that we adopt "Comfortably Numb" (by Pink Floyd) as the national anthem. I'd like to see folks stand up that long before a ball game.