Friday, January 27, 2006


I'm sorry. There is just something about that word that rolls around the inside of my mouth like a good taste. Titillation. Oh yeah.

And that reminds me. Years ago I had a friend who went to Puerto Rico as a consultant. He was looking at factory processes. He figured out what his client was doing wrong pretty quickly and so went to meet some engineers from another company or two. Along the way he met some muckety-muck who worked at a bra manufacturing factory. This man told him that the women on the production line wore the product. The way he told the story the QA man could come up and grab a feel to check for how good the product was working. I stopped my friend and asked if it was a "titular position."

But while I'm ruminating about Puerto Rico, the company was getting huge tax breaks for the factory they moved from the States to Puerto Rico. I always thought that maybe Congress was anti-Amerrican in this decision. OK so it's a territory but why should American taxpayers take it on the chin?