Friday, February 10, 2006

I wanna be a cowboy

I’m weary. Maybe I just haven’t been getting enough sleep. Maybe I’ve been stimulating my brain with the wrong things. Maybe it’s just the winter blahs.

I received one of those “Internet jokes” yesterday. You know the kind; they display about six zillion forwards to wade through. I find it amazing. First, are these people that IGNORANT? (please note my definition of ignorant is someone who has an IQ but chooses to do nothing to learn). You are displaying everyone’s e-mail address! Here is a joke with it’s whole history of who it has been sent to. Maybe they want to suggest that the more Forwards attached the funnier the joke must be. I think the reverse is true.

The joke was one of those jokes that a boy under the age of six could have invented but would not have been able to write down because of a lack of spelling skills. It was one of those demeaning jokes including politicians. Hey folks, BILL CLINTON is no longer president. GET OVER IT!

I’m sorry. We are in a war half-way around the world that quite honestly I think we were (and still are) being misled about; our economy is teetering on the edge of going to hell in a handbasket; we have millions of people breaking the law daily (it is breaking the law to be in this country illegally AND it’s illegal to EMPLOY illegal aliens!) OK I’ll stop my litany of what bugs me in the world.

I admit that I also watch The Daily Show. Sure, at times that is puerile too. At least it deals with the current world.

I flipped into CMT this AM and there was some cowboy looking at a godaweful tv dinner and crooning about his wife who apparently left him. That bothered me more than those ads for Christian Children. Then I flipped and a channel was hawking saving homeless Israelis. I went back and watched the cowboy drive away from his ranch in a beat up El Dorado. There are times when I wish I could drive away.