Thursday, March 30, 2006

At times

At times I just turn on the music and let it roar. Right now Lou Reed and Velvet Underground are pounding Rock and Roll Animal into the room. It makes it feel a little less empty. There is something about the incessant rhythm guitar that seems to ratchet up my pulse.

There are people in life that I'd like to know better.
I should know better.
We live in different worlds and the interface slipped into alignment once
Maybe twice
And then the uiverse shifted.
It all has to do with the big bang theory.

I don't have the answers to my questions.
The answers to others' questions seem so obvious.

Right now I've got too much weeding going on in my life.
I'm manually weeding the yard.
I'm weeding words from my novel.
I'm weeding books from my library.
I'm weeding clothes from my closet.

What else shall I weed? Friends?
What would I do with fallow fields?