Saturday, March 18, 2006


In the Orient the color red is associated with good luck and the color white with death. Guess what color dress brides don’t wear at their weddings. I’ve never found an authoritative source for why the color red is viewed this way.

I’m fond of earth tones. I prefer them for my wardrobe. Maybe it is because I’m able to blend into the background better. I admit that I wear Levi’s jeans. I have for years. I’m not sure the blue is considered an earth tone but I like the feel of well worn jeans. Just as a pair of jeans begins to feel just right they begin to spring holes. Some folks think I’ve recently adopted a “loose-fit” jean to emulate the younger crowd. Not true. I can still bend myself into a full lotus position when I’m wearing loose fit. I still find myself sitting that way. When we have more “dress functions” like neighborhood gatherings you’ll find me in a crisp dark blue pair of jeans.

But back to the color red. Throw in a tinge of gold and one might be tempted to say that it is a hope for wealth or well-being. My definition of wealth has changed through the years much to my spouse’s dismay. Ask me if I’d rather eat a bowl of home-made chili or go to a fancy restaurant with fine wines and I might ask if I can make the chili. I don’t care what others think, I’m a pretty good cook. Every meal is different. I never use a recipe except as a possible starting point. For me a well stocked spice cabinet is a real sign of wealth. It used to be I’d taste my cooking as I went through the process. I don’t do that. That is why I put the salt on the table. Some folks think I don’t use enough salt. Everyone that eats my cooking is either very nice and compliments me with empty compliments or they really enjoy my food. Maybe I should consider cooking in golden pots.

Green is a color I like too. My library is green with many many glazes of white mist. When we built the library I was in charge of it. I picked the green and did the painting. I put on Pink Floyd and spent days working on the glaze. People ask me if I would paint a room for them. At minimum wage they probably would balk at my price. I built the bookshelves and the table. I designed the window treatment. Heck, I designed the room and the addition. One wag said he was green with envy, It’s just a place for me to keep my books and to read. Maybe I’ll post a picture of the library some time.

Oh yeah, about that ball. I decided to try my hand at making Christmas ornaments a couple of years ago. That's one I made for a friend. Last I heard it's buried in the mountains of North Carolina near a geyser. I used to like treasure hunts when I was a boy.