Monday, March 27, 2006


I'm listening to old music again. Right now it's Jefferson Airplane. Before that was Petterson but it's just too Monday morning to listen to him. I need to be in exactly the RIGHT mood and trying to smile at the morning sun just isn't the right time or place. Most folks have never heard of Allen Petterson but then they probably don't know Pink Anderson or Rod Brown contributed to music either.

Which brings me to today's briar patch.

I've opened myself to a lot of experiences in life. It has made life interesting but I've done it in an analytical sense always weighing the price.

Margie Brook's over in Democracy takes a different tilt at the world. She just gets up in the morning and goes off in a direction. She figures that this is what "The Good Lord" meant by making the world so big. Sometimes she doesn't get home until after a couple of days.

Not me. I always stop at the portal to a railroad tunnel and listen for a long time. I like to try to hear whether there are any trains in the vicinity before running into the darkness as fast as I can.

But why Jefferson?

Good old Thmas Jefferson was a pretty smart boy. If nothing more he was a deist. Anyway, he was President of the United States. Lo and behold as far as I can tell Blind Lemon Jefferson was an old blues playerr and his family name drifts back toward old Thomas one way or the other. And Jefferson Airplane snuck part of Blind Lemon's name into their name. Next thing you now I'm listening to White Rabbit and wishing I had somebody to love.

Margie's out there on the prowl probably eating silver dollars at some IHOP. Me I'm just sitting safe and warm on my patch of briars.