Wednesday, April 05, 2006


My first computer was an Apple ][. No disk drive. 16K of memory and a tv for a display. I'd bounce my son on my lap and he'd touch keys to hear funny sounds.

Times have changed. I'm streaming music from the other side of the world, have storage media that holds GIGABYTES of data, and my son is thinking about leaving the Windows world and returning to the Apple fold for his NEXT computer.

I'm writing a blog that goes on the internet. My first computer was bought to run my model railroad (which STILL hasn't happened after THIRTY years) and I was playing pong with my first computer and don't want to know what my kids are playing. I admit to a slight addiction to a game called ZUMA.

I've been going around and around and around.

Computers- the ultimate toy for a person with limited attention span and curiosity.