Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Das Stahltier

The people who know me real well think I've got a one track mind. At times they are correct. Railroad track.

My guess is that most of the people reading this blog have absolutely no idea what the heck "Das Stahltier" means or even give a damn.

So here is a link to some info:

I read about the movie many years ago in a railroad book. Needless to say the networks would rather show "She Wore a Yellow Ribbon" a million times or more before they toss this one out there even after midnight.

So one day I was looking at downloads and damn if two words that had a familiar ring didn't pop clear.

There it was. Someone posted it to the net.

I went after it like a hungry Robin after a worm.

I downloaded 95.7 percent of it. It's been sitting at that point now for two weeks. I wonder if I'll ever get the last little bit. Probably the credits.