Thursday, April 06, 2006

Over the Edge

Maybe I've gone over the edge. I'm sitting here listening to Count Basie. That's right, time has gone way backwards.

My wife recently returned from Charleston, SC where her group snared a tour guide for a bit. He was very knowledgable and as it turns out has email contact which one of her group discovered on returning. If you ever go to Charleston try to find (I think his name is Walter Rhett.) Anyway, in an email he mentioned Freddie Green a jazz guitarist from that town and that he'd played with Basie.

You know me. I went out and found a recording that supposedly has him playing rhythm guitar. So I'm listening to Count Basie. Also trying to pound some information about a program called "Dramatica" into my brain.

Of course far far away CNN is keeping my blood pressure perking. I'm so tired of elected officials who seem to forget what their REAL job is. Want to really get upset go to the Citizens Against Government Waste site ( and follow the links to their 2006 PIG BOOK. Hard to believe we can waste money with such professional aplumb.

OK I need to go outside and get away from opinions. You do the same.