Saturday, April 22, 2006


The last two days I've been helping a friend. It's a long story. I'll try to give you a synopsis.

He bought a railroad freight station. He was required to move it from the railroad property.
He took it apart and it is stored in a large trailer.
The trailer is on some rural property where he hopes top rebuild it.
This week a truckload of wood arrive.
It is the interior of an old school building in New York stae.
It needed to be moved from the truck to another trailer.
That's where I helped.

So for two days we moved a pile of wood from one trailer to another. Thousands of feet of beadboard. Tens of thousands of nails. I'm a bit sore this AM.

I hope he can accomplish his restoration. He's years away.

I enjoy restoration projects but this one goes beyond my personal desires. When he's done he'll have a HUGE workshed for his woordworking. I just hope he has the energy left to do wood working.

What is a dream? Should a dream be realizable?

I guess I always see the glass half empty.

At least if the wine tastes bad that's all I've got to drink.