Sunday, April 16, 2006


A booming cuts across the garden temporarily drowing out the sound of the Spring Peepers.

Monki Ki opens his eyes. Thunder. It is not Master Ho Ha.

"There is no fat on a dry bone." The sounded of his long dead father sneaks up on him like the thunder.


With a groan Monk Ki rises from his seat and goes searching for Master Ho Ha. THe wise old man is sitting on a bench smiling each time a cherry blossom petal falls on his hand.

"Master? Do you have a moment?"

"I have a lifetime full of moments. You look befuddled my friend."

"I heard my father speak."

"Did you listen?" Master Ho Ha raises his eyebrows.

"He said that there is no fat on a dry bone. What does that mean?"

Master Ho Ha looks at the cherry tree hoping for a breeze to bring another petal. "Ah Monk Ki. You are so young. But you make me laugh so hard. You must think me rather obese. Thank you."