Sunday, May 07, 2006

Hunter gatherers

Are men hunter/gatherers inately?

Bear with me for a second. This morning, I observed the way I read the newspaper.

I look at headlines. I then look at the first sentence of a column. If the editor hasn't captured my full attention by that time, I'm moving on.

My I was caught by an advertisement of a woman in a garterbelt. OK that caught my attention but right now I couldn't tell you whether she was a blonde or a brunette. I can tell you the garment was white. I read through the social section. You know the one where the brides to be sit. I look at their pictures. I look at their male counterparts. I look at their names. If the name looks familiar then I might read a line or two. I might look to see if the young woman looks heavy. I migt wonder what she sees in the man. Rarely, do I give it a second thought.

I suspect I approach the web the same way. I have a few interests in life. If a web site hits one of my hot buttons it keeps me looking. When I Google a subject my eye doesn't even stray to the list of "advertisers" who pay to get displayed on the right. (It is the right, right?)

I'm a hunter/gatherer. Movement catches my eye. Certain inages catch my eye. I quickly process the information and decide whether to give chase. As I get older I'm getting less excited.