Monday, May 08, 2006


That's an interesting word. Quandry. I have it as a part of my "working" vocabulary. I have no idea when I started using the word. I've never even looked it up in the dictionary.

I'm looking at a quandry.

Where should I put effort?

People. There are people in my life that I spend energy on and some take more effort. Yesterday is a good example. There are people who expect me to make an effort. My return on investment is less than a large corporation woulf expect before moving on.

And if I look at it as a balance sheet of objectivity then I should jusat move on. Spend less energy or at least find a way to not fret over it. Things change. People change. Not always for the better.

If I ran my life using a balance sheet I could find many ways to expend less energy and effort. How would that change my life. Would it be better or worse?

Should I just listen to an old Beatles tune or try to explain to one of my sons why his arguemenbt is flawed?

Should I smirk at my over-weight neighbor or savor a bit of semi-sweet chocolate?

Should I sit in meditation for twenty minutes or watch Norm make a piece of furniture that I'll never mame?

Should I get miffed that some politician won't raise his head at the sky and drown like any good turkey?

Where is the laughter behind these questions?