Friday, May 19, 2006


We all get into ruts. THat's not to say we're all into rutting.

I grab a cup of coffee, read the newspaper, make another cup of coffee and head for my email.

Before I load my email I crank up my browser and my iTunes application. I drop to the bottom of my iTunes list and pick a streaming raddio station. My email client is downloading my mail. This morning I select good old Weenie CAmpbell for my aural stimulation.

Next stop is my browser home page. I've got it set up so I can quick glance at the top five news stories of the moment, see what the stock market is doing and look at a shot of the radar. Then I click over to my mailbox.

Let's face it. That's a lot of stimulation. Coffee for taste, music for ears, pictures for eyes. If there was a way to download smell I'd be there too. I guess the keyboard and mouse are plying me to tactile stimulation.

Pretty sad life, right?

Just hunting for stimulation.