Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Wanton Willy and the wonton soup

Some folks might be tempted to say that "wanton" means the "deficient train" I guess for them that makes sense. I know a couple of things about trains. I know a bit about deficient. But then I don't want to go off the track.

Willy walks into a Chinese restaurant. He sits down and looks around.

A few other customers are slurping their noodle soups and gingerly sticking it to their General Tsao chicken.

A gorgeous young Chinese girl walks over to his table. He can't believe his eyes. She could win the Miss Universe pageant even if the judges were all blind. To top it off she's wearing clothing very uncharacteristic for any Chinese joint that Willy has ever set foot in. She's decked out in a bustier that leaves absolutely nothing to the imagination; a thong that has "Eat at Lee's Tang" enbroideried across the front; and she's wearing western style stockings that accent her Chinese Red high heels.

"What would you like?" She licks her lips after asking him and he's waiting for his heart to start beating again.

Poor Wanton Willy is speechless and finally replies, "What's good?"

"Everything is good in moderation." she smiles at him and flicks an invisible piece of lint off the right cup of the bustier.

Willy looks at the menu and points, "Dragon tail soup good?"

"Ah number 69. Very good choice. Feed the monster some dragon tail."

Willy Wanton can only mutter, "Feed the monster in moderation." He watches at the waittress returns to the kitchen.

She bets he will leave a sizable tip.

Burma Shave.