Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Yellow Jackets

They sure are persistent. This morning there were two more openings into the deep recesses of my yard with the little varmints swarming around.

So I got out my handy dandy pump sprayer and had at them again. One got so up set that he tried to sting the nozzle.

They seem to be determined to mainstain the homestead as I am to stamp it out. Somewhere in the dark underbelly of my yard is a cavern. I know I've tried to fill it with water. These little critters must like it. THey keep returning and digging.

I suddenly wondered if they are terrorists. After all we've begin to equate terrorists with other facets of out lives. They have their own jihad- to sting me until I leave them alone. After all, they just want theie own homeland. I wonder if a five hundred pound bomb will stop this nonsense? Probably just dig another hole.